Anzonto Rustic Throw Pillow Covers Fully Grown Coconut Banana Trees with Retro Effect Lush Forest Foliage Dark Brown White, 2 Packs, W16 xL16

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Size: W16"xL16"  |  Color: Pattern11

We brings luxury and high quality home decor products to your daily life.Velvet cushion cover can not only protect your expensive pillow inserts, but also mix and match with your other pillows and furniture to fresh up your home. By decorating your home with these covers, you will have a cozy living place and also will receive a lot of compliments from your families and friends.
OUTDOOR: You can throw them on your garden chairs while enjoying happy tea time with your friends.
LIVING ROOM: Throw our cushion cover on your sofa, it is soft enough for you to lean against them comfortably while watching TV.
BEDROOM: While your night reading time on bed, you can use our 24" pillow cover to support your back. You might fall asleep on this soft pillow.
CAR: We offers 16”x 16” lumbar pillow cover to help release lumbar pain during driving.
OFFICE: prepare a 18" pillow in your office. You will need them to take a nap.